Calculating Deer Weights

It’s the time of year to start filling your deer feeders and stalking that big buck of your choice.  With that in mind, I’ve come across an article from the Noble Foundation that helps you calculate the live weight of your deer from your field dressed weight.  The article is here.  It is compiled from 19 years of data gathered from Southern Oklahoma and North Central Texas deer, so it should be very meaningful for local hunters.  To make things even easier, they have created a calculator at the following link: Deer Weight Converter.

Happy Hunting!

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Grand Re-Opening Celebration

Please join us at Jack’s Wholesale Meats on October 8, 2011 between 11:00 am and 1:30 pm for our Grand Re-Opening Celebration.  We will have an open house and will be providing free bratwursts and hot dogs for all to enjoy.  We will also be giving away door prizes.

Jack’s would like to thank the Trenton Economic Development Committee for generously sponsoring this event.

We hope to see you there.

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The Case for Sausages

     Over the last couple of months, I have had the fun of learning how to make some new (to me) sausages.  We are using the “heritage” recipies from Jack’s Wholesale Meats; as far as I know, they are the original recipies from 1963 that Jack Vaden used to make sausages for the fine people of Fannin, Grayson, and Collin counties.  Jack’s traditional recipies are for Mild Medium, and Hot Breakfast Sausage, Cajun Sausage, Smoked Sausage, Hot Links, and Summer Sausage.    

     All of the sausages begin by spreading ground meat on the table, hand seasoning, turning the meat over and hand seasoning again.  We are as gentle as possible with the seasoned meat so that we do not over-work it and produce tough sausages.   Each small batch of Smoked Sausage, Hot Links and Cajun Sausages are all stuffed into natural pork casing, while the Summer is stuffed into a collagen casing which gives it that traditional summer sausage look. 

Fresh from the smoker, Jack's Wholesale Meat's Summer Sausage

The Smoked, Hot Links, and Summer are all hung on sausage trees and put in our smoker for a long meeting with some real Hickory smoke.  Nothing beats that smell wafting through the air of Trenton – execpt maybe eating it straight out of the smoker. 

The smoked sausages are then cooled and packaged for our Custom Exempt customers or for any Retail customer that may walk in the door (be sure to come and get some!). 

We are currently working on developing new recipies for Bratwursts (a Texas favorite) and Italian links.  While all of our sausages are delicious, I also have it in mind that we sould make a sausage that you can’t find anywhere else in the area.  I am doing research to come up with that prefect and unique flavor.  Any suggestions for that special sausage that would set us apart from the rest of the specialty meat markets?

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On Top of Ole Smokey, All Covered with Cheese: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Hello All!  I prepared this recipe for my family this week and got rave reviews.  We paired it with a green salad, some french bread and a bottle of Oak Leaf Sweet Red wine (a steal from Walmart for $2.97).  Delicious!  Originally, I saw Rachel Ray make these meatballs on her show, Week in a Day.  I had never made meatballs and had only really eaten them at parties when they were covered in barbque sauce.  Every cook who’s worth they’re salt should make the Itialian classic MEATBALLS at least once, shouldn’t they?  They are a lot of work, but I think they’re totally worth the effort.  Try out the recipe (click here) and let me know what you think.

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The Three Amigos

In order to commemorate our new business and add some pizzaz to the walls, Ben ordered this beautiful piece of art from Rodrigo Mendoza of Venice, FL.  We decided Dad (Lou is  the cow on the left, Ben is the cow on the right, and I’m (Hannah) the cow in the center.  Does that fit?  We’re so glad that he got it.  It graces our walls here in the office.  Come check it out for yourself.  

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