Meet Your Butchers

Bluebonnet Meat Company is a family-run business.  While Ben and Hannah (siblings) are the primary operators, you may see any member of the Buses family at the Market on any given day.

Ben Buses is a foodie and meat connoisseur.  Ben has spent over 21 years in the food industry and has a love for customer service.  He is responsible for transforming a side of meat into the steaks and roasts our customers desire.  His time in the food industry has also given him an appreciation for presentation and fusing flavors.  Ben has designed our cutting packages for ensuring our customers get what they want.   Ben graduated from Leonard High School in 1996 and Texas A&M University – Commerce in 2002.  He has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications.

Hannah Buses Null has been involved in the meat industry for 15 years in food safety and quality roles.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and a Master of Science in Food Technology, both from Texas Tech University.  She is also certified in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), which is a food industry program for finding and reducing risk in the food production system.  Hannah is also a PAACO certified animal welfare auditor specializing in Meat Plants.  She was personally trained by the world-renown animal welfare expert, Temple Grandin.  Hannah has two passions for her work.  The first is to ensure that our customers receive safe, quality meat products.  The second is ensuring that animals that we harvest are treated with gentleness and respect while they are in our care.