Inspected Beef Processing

$85.00 60 minutesDeposit

This fee is a deposit for an Inspected Processing Appointment for a Beef Cow. This beef will be processed following procedures which allow each package to be marked with a State of Texas Inspection Legend and the beef can be resold by the package. If you have a quarter or half of the carcass sold on the hoof, it is ok to choose a custom processing appointment (not this appointment). We can contact other stakeholders in the order at the time of drop-off. Please note, choosing Texas State Inspected processing when you do not need it does not assure your meat will be safer. It does, however, expose your carcass/order to the possibility of longer wait times due to antibiotic and food safety testing.


Setting up your processing appointment is simple with Bluebonnet Meat Company! First select the quantity of livestock you have to bring, then the calendar will show you our next available appointment for processing.  All appointments are for 8-9am.  Next, select the day you would like to bring your livestock in.  Click “book now” to place the appointment in your shopping cart.  You can then book additional animals from there.