Wild Game Processing

Bluebonnet Meat Company is a trusted resource for hunters.  We will process deer, wild hogs/pigs, and elk.  We do not batch any part of your game with any other hunter’s game.  Our services include:

  • Meat cut to your specifications
  • Tenderizing and grinding included in the base fee
  • Sausage flavors including Summer, Smoked, Chorizo, Italian, Bratwurst, Mild Medium and Hot Breakfast Sausage, and Snack Sticks.  Cheese and jalapeno can be added to any product.
  • All Orders Vacuum-Packaged w/bagged ground meat
  • Quick turn-around and friendly service
  • Computer tracking of your order through the plant
  • Hunters for the Hungry participant

Deer Processing Prices

    • $90 Field Dressed
    • $75 Quartered
    • $50 Deposit Required on Each Animal
  • $25 Cape Mount (optional)
  • All Orders Vacuum Packaged with Bagged Ground Meat
  • Vacuum Packaged Ground Meat or Chili $0.30/lb
  • Tenderizing and Grinding included with Base Fee
  • $40 Tax-Deductible Hunters for the Hungry Fee, Meat will be Donated to a Local Food Pantry

Processing Extras

  • Bacon Wrapping Steaks Tenderloins, or Backstrap Roasts $0.75/Slice Bacon
  • Slicing for Jerky Meat $0.75/lb
  • Bacon Burger (Ground Meat with 1/3 Bacon Added) $1.50/lb
  • Hamburger Patties (20 lb minimum) $0.75/lb
  • Seasoned Taco Meat (20 lb minimum with 40% pork added) $2.29/lb
  • Jerky – Classic or Sweet Teriyaki (5 lb minimum) $7.99/lb

Elk or Red Deer Processing Prices

  • $0.90/lb on the Quartered Weight for Vacuum-Packaging
  • $50 Deposit Required on Each Elk

Wild Hog Processing Prices

  • $90 field dressed
  • $75 quartered
  • $50 Deposit Required on Each Pig

Game Sausage Prices: All sausage pricing includes 40% Pork Added

(20 lb minimum per variety; 10 lb minimum on Snack Sticks)Fresh Game Sausage

    • Snack Sticks – $5.99/lb
    • Mild, Medium or Hot Breakfast Sausage – $3.39/lb
    • Smoked Sausage/Blackland Prairie – $3.99/lb
    • Summer Sausage (30% pork added) – $4.79/lb
    • Hot Links – $4.49/lb
    • Bratwursts – $3.89/lb
    • Chorizo – $3.39/lb
    • Italian Bulk Sausage – $3.39/lb
    • Italian Link Sausage – $3.79/lb

Sausage or Ground Meat Ad-Ins:

      • Add Cheese – $0.70/lb
      • Add Jalapenos – $0.30/lb
      • Add Cracked Black Pepper – $0.50/lb
      • Add Green Chilies – $0.70/lb
      • Add Shredded Potatoes – $0.70/lb

Download the order form here: Game Processing Order Form

Download an informational sheet here: Wild Game Processing