The building that is now Bluebonnet Meat Company was built in 1945 and was the first rural freezer facility in the area.  The business operated as a co-op known as Trenton Refrigeration Cooperative, Inc.  The farmers worked together to process their own meat and had locker boxes which were used to store the farmer’s meats and vegetables.
Sometime in the late 1950’s the plant was purchased by David Fowler of Bonham and later closed.  On May 16, 1961 the plant was then sold to Grady Hill and Jimmy Brignon and operated as H&B Packing Company.
Jacks Wholesale Meat 1945 building
On September 9, 1963 the plant was sold to J.L. Jack Vaden and his wife Bernice and operated as Jack’s Wholesale Meats.  Meat was sold and delivered to area stores and nursing homes.  Custom processing played a big role in the business.  Eventually, due to the declining health of Jack, he brought his son, daughter, and their spouses into the business in January 1972.  Over time, Ricky and Donna (Jack’s daughter) Glasscock became the sole owners of Jack’s Wholesale Meats and ran the business until their retirement.
In 2011, Ricky and Donna Glasscock sold the meat market to the Buses Family.  After operating over a year as Jack’s Wholesale Meat, the Buses family changed the name to Bluebonnet Meat Company.  The Buses family wants to run the business to honor God and provide excellent customer service.  Our desire is that our customers will be fully satisfied with the products and services they receive from Bluebonnet Meat Company.  Additionally, we strive to be the best in the areas of food safety and animal welfare.
Jacks Wholesale Meat 2011 building