Wild Game Processing

Bluebonnet Meat Company is a trusted resource for hunters.  We will process deer, wild hogs/pigs, and elk.  We do not batch any part of your game with any other hunter’s game.

Effective January 1, 2021, we will discontinue the use of butcher wrap paper and all processing will now be vacuum packaged.

Our services include:

  • Meat cut to your specifications
  • Tenderizing and grinding included in the base fee
  • Sausage flavors including Summer, Smoked, Chorizo, Italian, Bratwurst, Mild Medium and Hot Breakfast Sausage, and Snack Sticks.  Cheese and jalapeno can be added to any product.
  • All Orders Vacuum-Packaged w/bagged ground meat
  • Quick turn-around and friendly service
  • Computer tracking of your order through the plant
  • Hunters for the Hungry participant

Deer Processing Prices

    • $90 Field Dressed
    • $75 Quartered
    • $50 Deposit Required on Each Animal
  • $25 Cape Mount (optional)
  • All Orders Vacuum Packaged with Bagged Ground Meat
  • Vacuum Packaged Ground Meat or Chili $0.35/lb
  • Tenderizing and Grinding included with Base Fee
  • $40 Tax-Deductible Hunters for the Hungry Fee, Meat will be Donated to a Local Food Pantry

Processing Extras

  • Bacon Wrapping Steaks Tenderloins, or Backstrap Roasts $0.75/Slice Bacon
  • Slicing for Jerky Meat $0.75/lb
  • Bacon Burger (Ground Meat with 1/3 Bacon Added) $1.50/lb
  • Hamburger Patties (20 lb minimum) $0.75/lb
  • Seasoned Taco Meat (20 lb minimum with 40% pork added) $2.29/lb
  • Jerky – Classic, Spicy, or Sweet Teriyaki (5 lb minimum) $7.99/lb
  • Beef or Pork Fat may be added at $2.50/lb

Elk or Red Deer Processing Prices

  • $0.90/lb on the Quartered Weight for Vacuum-Packaging
  • $50 Deposit Required on Each Elk

Wild Hog Processing Prices

  • $90 field dressed
  • $75 quartered
  • $50 Deposit Required on Each Pig

Game Sausage Prices: All sausage pricing includes 40% Pork Added

(20 lb minimum per variety; 10 lb minimum on Snack Sticks)Fresh Game Sausage

    • Snack Sticks – $5.99/lb
    • Mild, Medium or Hot Breakfast Sausage – $3.39/lb
    • Smoked Sausage/Blackland Prairie – $3.99/lb
    • Summer Sausage (30% pork added) – $4.79/lb
    • Hot Links – $4.49/lb
    • Bratwursts – $3.89/lb
    • Chorizo – $3.39/lb
    • Italian Bulk Sausage – $3.39/lb
    • Italian Link Sausage – $3.79/lb

Sausage or Ground Meat Ad-Ins:

      • Add Cheese – $0.70/lb
      • Add Jalapenos – $0.30/lb
      • Add Cracked Black Pepper – $0.50/lb
      • Add Green Chilies – $0.70/lb
      • Add Shredded Potatoes – $0.70/lb

Download the order form here: Game Processing Order Form

Download an informational sheet here: Wild Game Processing